7 Superb Features of the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder

One of the ways in which Infusionsoft distinguishes itself from other software for CRM and e-commerce in the marketplace is the ability to build campaigns. The program builder has gained a lot of popularity with Infusionsoft users because it permits you to design a complete and automated sales and marketing process. You can design, build launches and track the effectiveness of your campaigns. There are seven great advantages to using this visual interface utm link builder.

Style of flowchart. If you’re running an advertising campaign, there are a lot of elements involved: emails to announce your sales as well as emails to thank customers to purchase product tags that automate voice calls, and many more. You can visualize the way everything works through the entire process from beginning to end in the canvas of the campaign builder. It’s also easy to modify the campaign since all you need to do is to click on the various steps on the flowchart.

Simple to use. The campaign builder comes with an interface for drag and drop. It is easy to add your tags, goals as well as emails to the project. If you want to alter some thing in regards to the order or date it’s a simple procedure.

Personalized. Set up emails that will be sent out on certain dates on your calendar – for example birthdays or two months after a client bought their first item from you.

It is simple to identify the location of a person’s contact in the campaign. Look up the name of a contact in the database, then check their location in the various campaigns you created and then find out what actions they’ve performed.

Do not send infrequent emails. Decide to end the marketing campaign only for those who have completed your target step. For instance, if the campaign’s goal is an order and you don’t wish for recipients to receive the series of emails once a purchase occurs, you can specify that the people who completed the purchase won’t receive emails, while those who haven’t purchased the item remain to get emails.

See the Success. If you’d like to quickly find out how many people have joined your free offer, or bought your product, head to the section on reports of your campaign and click on it and it will display the total number of people who are part of the sequence.

Integrates with third party apps. Do you wish to utilize an application from a third-party to track leads via text messages or to use software to create an online survey? The majority of online applications available connect to Infusionsoft API key. Infusionsoft API keys.