How to Choose Great Photography Business Names

The name chosen for a business needs to be something that conveys the main purpose of the business, is clever, and is easy to remember. The name should be something that makes people remark about how cute and perfect a fit it is for that business. While the owner of said business might think the name is perfect, customers might disagree-and customers are what the business needs to succeed. One would hope the customers get a nice, warm and happy feeling upon hearing the business name.

There was an article written many years ago about the importance of names, with some pretty funny examples for why a business could fail due to improper naming. It was a time when polyester fabric had become a joke thanks to the use of it in garish leisure suits. “Polly Ester’s Fashions” then, was not such a great choice for a name. Then there’s my old dentist, Dr. Sharp, outdoor guide LaTour, and Crapo Appliance Service.

Of course, a play on names is fun and indeed a good idea, like a tax service called Many Happy Returns. Or how about A Den of Antiquity for an antique store, Garden of Eat’n for a restaurant, and Master Baiter’s Sport-fishing & Tackle? Clever, funny, and definitely memorable names are one way to keep customers coming back and pique the interest of new customers. Names that capitalize on current trends might be great for a short-run business, but could be considered old news after the trend moves on.

The first step in choosing a name is to be clear about what the business is going to provide. Check out the dictionary, thesaurus, and search engines before settling on a name. What best conveys the business? Then check it out with other people to see if they find the name interesting. Hoots of laughter are a good clue if the audience is sober; don’t bother asking anyone on alcohol or drugs (they might have a tendency to think everything is funny).

Find a name that succinctly describes the business, and then look for a clever way to portray that. Take time choosing the name and try it out for a bit before running out to buy the domain name, business cards  name for organization and signage. Ask strangers, business acquaintances, family and friends. Get a good cross-section of the population before casting that name in stone. The worst thing would be to try to change the name after the clientele gets established. Take the time at the beginning to get the name right before plunging into it with gusto.

Depending on the business involved, the name might need to be more serious and solid. A family business three generations strong tends to do better with the family name, which has a reputation built up. As in the Crapo sample above, might it not be an easier fit for Crapo Toilet Repair? In any case, that name will certainly be remembered (you’re welcome, Crapo Appliance Service). For success, the name should be something that gives the business an added boost. While “A rose by any other name is still a rose”, the proper name will attract more customers, like moths to a flame.