Kerala Whatsapp Groups Links 2021

Kerala Whatsapp Groups are an integral part of our lives. They serve as a medium for all kinds of discussions, even the most mundane ones. The conversations that happen in these groups, whether it’s about politics or just what you had for dinner last night, can be surprisingly insightful and engaging. 

We’ve made this blog post to serve as a directory where you can find links to some popular Kerala Whatsapp Group Links. And who knows? You might even find your next great WhatsApp friend!

We’ve tried to keep this list as non-partisan as possible. So, for example, we haven’t included a WaSP Pulayan WhatsApp Group about the rights of the oppressed and underprivileged minority community. We have however included a few ‘hot topic’ groups that basically serve as an arena to debate and discuss the same – Groups like “Life of A Typical Malayali – LeVar” or “Disgusting things about Kerala – Hridhayathinte Sookshmichu” etc.

You can find these group links neatly categorized below:

  1. Political Parties & Organizations
  2. Leftist/ Communist Groups
  3. Right-Wing Hindu Groups
  4. Religious Groups & Movements
  5. Christian Groups & Movements
  6. Muslim Groups & Movements
  7. Anti-Islamic/ Right Wing Hindu/ Religious WhatsApp Controversial Group 
  8. Cynical Kerala – A sarcastic look at the culture and politics of Kerala. We’ve included groups that are not strictly ‘antinational’ but do serve as a platform for discussion on the same. Remember, every good liberal knows that there is nothing more permanent in life than a temporary solution to a perpetual problem! So if you want to be part of any ultra-progressive Whatsapp group or change your views every other day, this section should definitely help you out.
  9. The Unofficial, Undesirable, Unethical & Unconstitutional Whatsapp Group      Links
  10. Kerala Women WhatsApp Group Links
  11. Miscellaneous WhatsApp Controversial Groups Links – Includes PFI, SDPI, RSS, etc. groups. The following are not exhaustive lists of all Keralites in the world ever. The following are definitely what you feel will make many people around you think that you are an awesome human being or at least expose them to your eclectic views. 
  12. If anything is offensive, please let us know and we’ll happily remove it after a minimum time period of 3 days upon receiving proper proof from either side. We believe only in the rule of law and not vigilantism! Thank You!

Kerala Hindu Whatsapp Group Links

Pravasi Matrimonial – Matrimony for South Indian Hindus living abroad, including Kerala. If you are a boy looking to marry a Keralite girl, this is the place. Also includes girls from Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, though in much fewer numbers due to the high number of boys available in Kerala itself! Think about it before signing up!

Hindu Sports WhatsApp Groups: These groups have been created for people interested in following sports-related news published on WhatsApp groups by some real enthusiastic social media personalities that include some of the best online content providers from Kerala. So if you love reading the latest Kerala football team squad news/updates directly from SMS journalists like AD Radhakrishna Kurup, Shijil Narayanan Kutty, Emmanuel Sam Abraham and many others then this list of Whatsapp sports groups will be just perfect for you.

Kerala Cricket WhatsApp Group Links: Are you a cricket fanatic? Then these links below might help you to get updates from some of the best online sources dealing with cricket news in Kerala itself. The groups listed below also include cricketers and players directly associated with different clubs and teams playing at national as well as state-level tournaments. So scroll down and check out the link that suits your interest best!

Malayalee Christian Whatsapp Groups: Christ is Lord! That’s true but following what Our lord says without keeping our ears open has been always difficult for most Christians. These groups are the best way to keep yourself updated with Christian beliefs, sermons, songs, and daily prayer requests. You can choose any of these Kerala-based Whatsapp group links given below to get in touch with people who are equally dedicated towards Christianity just like you.

Malayalee Hindu Whatsapp Group Links: Whether you’re a hardcore believer or an atheist, there’s nothing called ‘I don’t care’ about Hinduism! We all care about it deep within our hearts because it is our mother culture. Yet there wasn’t much place to discuss all our views about this on social networks but not anymore!