Miracles and Modern Society!

A Course in Miracles Unleashed: A Direct Encounter with Jesus Christ in the  Evolution and Enlightenment of the Human Species (Video 2008) - IMDb

Surgery for infant twins joined at stomach… “We can separate them.” The five-month-old babies share a liver. “They are miracle babies.”

A baseball player breaks Hank Aaron’s a course in miracles all time record, “it’s nothing more than a miracle.”

“Johnny is autistic. When he was 4 years old, he ran around the house babbling meaningless sounds. Now Johnny is 24 and has a university degree and a professional career. It’s a miracle.” Is it a miracle?

A flock of geese takes out the engines on a plane, and it glides and lands on the water. Now what constitute that as a miracle?

Can a glider pilot land a plane on water gliding without engines working? Yes!

Can a plane full of fuel and passengers land on water and float? Yes!

Can passages stand on the wings of a plane, and it holds them? Yes!

Can a plane lose all of it’s engines and land on water and no one die? Yes!

Can everyone on a plane that land on frigid waters exit the plane without disorder? Yes!

Will floating devices on a plane that lands on frigid waters work? Yes!

A black man can speak without any grammatical error and move large crowds emotionally. Is it a miracle that a black man can do that?

Where is the miracle in all of this? I made it across I-95 in rush hour traffic, is that a miracle? If the plane stopped in mid air inches above the water, then that would have constituted a miracle. There was nothing supernatural about this incident with the plane landing in the Hudson River. There was nothing outside the law of nature that took place.

These individuals prepare, they train for these types of incidences. Therefore, why when everything goes as we hope it does, do we say it is a miracle? Again, a miracle is that which takes place outside of natural law, the law of nature. Jesus, when he turned water into wine, that was a miracle. When Jesus calmed the stormy sea, that was a miracle. When Jesus took five loaves and two fishes to feed about five thousand men, besides women and children. That was a miracle.

Providence is “that preservation, care and government which God exercises over all things that He has created, in order that they may accomplish the ends for which they were created” — ISBE, p. 2476.

Therefore, providence is the means he uses to provide for his people to be forgiven and be blessed in their particular needs, so they can be faithful and enter eternal life.

Some things to consider:
1. If it was not for God creating such an order in our universe in such a way that man could rely on the natural laws it would have never happened.
2. There are order and design in our universe, and it is not by chance. Moreover, you cannot have design without a designer. Moreover, the designer of it all is God.
3. If it was not for God creating man with the ability to build and fly a plane it would not have been possible for a man to fly a plane or for that matter to land one on water. It is by reason of God that we have our very being, and we need to give him thanks always.

Therefore, we should all thank God for the order and design that exist, that he created. We should thank God that all things worked out just right that they could land that plane on the water.