Top Tractors of 2021 With 50 to 70 HP

Companies now offer new tractors with high-tech features that are available for farmers. The latest models use advanced technology to enhance the efficiency of your operations. Additionally, a new high-tech tractor can significantly improve the profitability of your business.

Here is the list of afew tractors that will be available in 2021:

  1. John Deere 5310 GearPro

This 55HP tractor has three cylinders with a capacity of 2900CC. Its gearbox comprises 12 forward and four reverse gears. With a lifting capacity of 2000 kilograms (kilos), this tractor can easily carry heavy equipment.

  1. Eicher 650

The Eicher 650 is powered by a three-cylinder 3300CC engine with eight forward and two reverse gears. The 60HP tractor provides multiple options, such as 51PTO HP, dry type, and oil-immersed brakes.

  1. Trakstar 450

This tractor comes with modern features and is capable of lifting heavy implements without difficulty. This 50HP tractor is available at an affordable price, which can be funded with a tractor loan.

  1. Farmtrac 60 Classic Supermaxx

The three-cylinder 50HP tractor is available with eight forward and two reverse gears. Its lifting capacity is 1800 kilos, which makes it easy to lift heavy equipment. The Farmtrac60 Classic Supermaxx provides multiple options like oil-immersed brakes, a dry air cleaner with a clogging sensor, and 42.5PTO HP.

Tractors can be highly beneficial for agricultural and other operations. Until recently, many farmers were unable to buy the latest tractors due to liquidity constraints. However, the easy availability of tractor finance from banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) has helped them inovercoming this difficulty. Some beneficial features of such loans include:

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  • No additional mortgage of agricultural land required
  • Minimal tractor loan documents requirements, which include land ownership details, income proof, and know-your-customer (KYC) documentation

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